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AlpineTint Digitally Printed Window Film

Digitally Printed Films

Whatever your branding needs, we can develop a digitally printed film to match. Using full-colour graphics or a simpler design, you'll receive exceptional quality. Our films give you the flexibility to achieve the right combination of light, asthetics, privacy and protection. 

Using hybrid printers the production process has greater quality controls and fast turnaround of your order. Production capabilities include fade out effects and white ink printing and the option of opaque, optically clear, solar control, dual-climate, safety, security or anti-graffiti films. 

Precision Cut Films

Precision cutting services are available for all window signage solutions. Using a large format cutting and routing machine, we are able to provide variants between light and shade within your selected film, enabling privacy by reducing visibility and allowing natural light through your windows at the same time. 

Using a flat-bed machine which has a variety of cutting and routing options, edges of shapes are clean and professionally finished. We can fulfil large scale design orders and offer printing on a variety of film materials such as plain or coloured, frost or opaque.

Prrecision cut films have the benefit of transforming an ordinary film into a stunning design feature. 
AlpineTint Precision Cut Window Film
AlpineTint Frosted Window Film

Frosted Films

Frosted film is an opaque translucent film that allows light into a space while limiting visibility. It suits commercial spaces well because it offers a combination of ambience, privacy and safety.

Offering you a range of film choices, we can tailor design and functionality to your specifications. Options include full-cover application or a precision cut geometric pattern, using for example, your company's stencilled logo or select designs from our design range.  


Decorative Films

​Change the appearance of your glass, turning it into an attractive feature without the need for replacement.  Films are available in a wide selection of transulcant, block colours, different patterns and textures.  

Common applications include conference rooms, lobbies, retail environments, private offices, exterior windows, partitions and even glass splashbacks which have been left plain in the building process.
AlpineTint Decorative Coloured Window Film
AlpineTint Safety Security Window Film

Safety & Security Films

Protect your glass from breakage with any one of our safety and security films. Our high-tensile safety films strengthen glass, prevents it from splintering into shards and holds it still until replacement.  

High-tensile window film makes glass harder to break, deterring intuders and increasing security. All safety and security window films block 99% of damaging UV rays that contribute to interior fading, particularly relevant for protecting business merchandise in shop fronts.

We can make a comprehensive assessment of the type of film to best suit your workplace.

Anti-Graffiti Films

Graffiti and vandalism are a problem for many businesses. Anti-graffiti films are practically invisible, optically clear, distortion free and protect surfaces such as mirrors, marble, stainless steel, windows and other non-porous surfaces from paint, key scratches, gouging, marking and even acid-etching. Additional benefit is that they block 99% of damaging UV rays, making it highly suitable for public and commercial spaces. 

Anti-graffiti film works by protecting the glass substrate from damage and can be easily removed and replaced by new film making it a far less expensive alternative to replacing glass, mirrors, stainless steel or marble.

One of our product options also allows permanent marker to be wiped off with a dry cloth negating the need from removal of installed film that has been graffitied. 
AlpineTint Anti-Graffiti Window Film
AlpineTint Privacy Bands

Privacy Bands

Creates a translucent or solid-coloured partition between offices, workstations, consulting rooms or meeting rooms. Use your company's signage and our precision cutting services to help you achieve a decorative and sophisticated look. If you have had your office designed without privacy bands and you now recognise the need, we can assist you to find a solution that creates the combination of privacy, light and decoration you require. 

Safety Decals

Safety decals are required by law on clear glass. This is to prevent people walking into a panel or pane and injuring themselves. We produce a variety of different types of safety decals. You can opt to have a classic patterns, logo or digitally printed or precision cut design. 
AlpineTint Safety Decals
AlpineTint Solar Control Window Film

Solar Control Films

Solar window film can provide a more comfortable working and living environment. Thermal comfort can be increased by installing solar window film to glass. The main benefits are reducing excessive heat and glare, lowering the temperature inside the space and reducing fading of interiors.

Film can reduce solar energy by up to 81%, which means that interior temperatures can be maintained at an optimal level for work and home. Solar control window film can also provide various levels of privacy.

A recent study has indicated that commercial buildings with effective insulation (such as having film installed) combined with a reduced reliance on heating/cooling systems have a much high rental occupancy rate than less efficient buildings.


Dual-Climate Films

Dual-climate films are designed to keep the heat out in summer and keep the warmth in during winter. Achieves results like low emissivity glass with year-round savings on energy usage and reduced carbon emissions. Dual-climate films increase insulation ability by up 88%, providing more consistent internal temperatures across all seasons. As it blocks 99% of UV rays, it prevents furniture and flooring fade. It's like double-glazed or low emissivity windows at up to half the price!

AlpineTint Dual-Climate Window Film